Susan Fitch Brown, Artist

About Me

Hi, I've been working on painting for many years but now that I'm retired and less tired from commuting and the general hubbub of DC contracting I am very happily back to painting, studying painting and artists, drawing, color theory and spicing it up with occasional craft projects to challenge my thinking and my hands. 

I've always worked abstractly but have recently been experimenting with more realistic subject matter and am challenged by the idea of mastering the ability to portray reality.  Design is built into life itself.  For my own satisfaction I want to know how to portray the beauty of life as it is with the idea that the structure of anything abstract is also governed by the rules of reality.  

I've been actively exhibiting my work around the Washington DC/Frederick, MD area for the past couple of years.  In the past I have also exhibited, particularly in a quiet time when my child was small.  I was very active in DC Artists Equity at the time.  

I've feature some of my work on Instagram as #paintnspirit.

For more information on my work, or to just say hello, click here to send me a message.

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