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This is a series of small 7 x 5” paintings I did a few weeks ago about roads.  Life is a journey and there are many paths.  Lately I’ve been fascinated by the process. They are Roadwork1, 2 and 3.  To buy my works use the form on my Contact page.  

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Virtual pictures don’t show sizes.  The top pic is 7 x 5” and the lower one is 24 x 36”.  The top picture is from a short series of 3 small paintings called Hayward Hills which I want to post about at a later time.  The second I’m still working on but I like the sort of eeriness of the sort of sky blue area.  The smaller painting has been sold.  Yea!!

Underwater Rhapsody at Olney Library

Starting my new blog with the news that I have an acrylic painting on view at the Olney, MD library.  It’s called “Underwater Rhapsody”, it’s 24 x 18”.  The painting came together when I found an old tube of gold paint that someone had given me.  Touches of gold paint made the colors sing, and increased the sense of a kind of underwater light.  I’m really happy with how this turned out.  The colors work well and it has good structure as well.  I hope to sell it and also possibly use the image for cards and calendars.

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