Susan Fitch Brown, Artist

Shenandoah Webworks

Shenandoah Webworks was the website of my short life as a web designer, webmaster of a number of websites for several non-profit organizations.  I fell into it because the webmaster of one organization died and I had volunteered to help him thinking I would learn from him.  Instead I taught myself, learning Wordpress self hosting, and working with host servers, domain registries and so forth.  My slogan was "simple websites with style and vision".  The image above, which I took in Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond, was my header image.  It was a good experience but not something I wanted to do every day.

I've included this page for people who might have tried to link to Shenandoah Webworks.  Please enjoy my art instead.  I've now able to focus on my art and am able to work on it every day.  It is what I've always wanted to do. 

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