Susan Fitch Brown, Artist

2020 Show at Sandy Spring Friends Meeting Gallery

My show, Gratitude Practice: Praisemaking, is now at the new gallery at Sandy Spring Friends Meeting.  The Gallery is open on the weekends but I’d be glad to open it at other times for anyone who wants to see it. (See my contact page) There are 24 works on view from 1988 to the present as well as prints.  Many people talk about “being in the zone” when they are painting or doing something they really care about.  For those with a religious faith that “zone” feels inspired by something more than self.  So to me my work is a way of giving praise for what I see, for what has been given for me to see.  Most of the time it is for something beautiful, sometimes for lessons learned.  Above is my invitation and below are three works from the show, “Old Stable Off River Road”, 2019 was done on site (plein air), “Rooftops from Mom’s Dining Room” was from a photo.  I was intrigued by the complicated mix of roofs, trees and mountains.   The last one,  “Dog Dog” 2019, started as a copy of a photo but quickly morphed into its own being.  

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