Susan Fitch Brown, Artist

August 2018 - new work

I’ve been taking some classes at the Compass Atelier and am really pleased with the results.  Here’s one that’s been in a show at Artists and Makers and will be at Crestwood in Frederick the second week in September.  It was the result of a photo taken at the Azalea Garden in Brighton Dam in 2015.  It’s closed this year because they are dredging the Tridelphia Reservoir:

Here’s another. It’s going into the Kensington “Paint the Town” show September 1 - 3rd at the Kensington Armory.  On a wintery evening there was a beautiful end of day over an expansive field below the Wellspring Conference Center in Germantown, MD.  In other seasons everything is green:


This is a series of small 7 x 5” paintings I did a few months ago about roads.  Life is a journey and there are many paths.  Lately I’ve been fascinated by the process. They are Roadwork1, 2 and 3.  

Earlier paintings

Virtual pictures don’t show sizes.  The top pic is 7 x 5” and the lower one is 24 x 36”.  The top picture is from a short series of 3 small paintings called Hayward Hills which I want to post about at a later time.  The second I’m still working on but I like the sort of eeriness of the sort of sky blue area.  The smaller painting has been sold.  Yea!!

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