Susan Fitch Brown, Artist

Night Garden

Saw this in Brookside Gardens one spring day.  It wasn’t night but a very dark corner lit by the small bright flowers there.  It won 3rd place for miniatures at the Women’s Club of Chevy Chase Art Show this year.  It’s an acrylic, 7 x 5”.  

New Beach painting

“Being at the Beach” is the result of a photograph I took while attending a conference for work in Myrtle Beach, NC.  I love the interplay of the wide expanse of beach and sky against the limits of the balcony and the buildings.  But the limits don’t define the scene.  You are still there, on the balcony, relaxing by oneself or with friends, waiting for a trip down to the beach or tired from same.  It’s warm, there are people down on the beach, family groups, teens, elders, and shared between is the wide open sky dropping in to the ocean.  

The painting is 20 x 16 inches unframed.  Use my contact form on my contact page to inquire about this or any of my other works.  

October 2018 in NYC

I went with a group from The Compass Atelier to NYC.  New York is all about buildings and lines, parallels and verticals, huge and somewhat new buildings against the patterns of the last century.  This is morning from my room.  

The main event of the trip for me was seeing Alyssa Monks’ work at the Forum Gallery.  She mixes a realistic image with forest imagery on an abstract, heavily worked surface that ends up looking welcoming, almost serene.  

Above also is a work I did of the wooden bridge into Utica, MD.  This one is 9 x 12.  I think I would like to redo this one on a larger canvas. 

Right now I’m working on several other canvases but none ready to post.  Next Saturday and Sunday I’ll be in a Print Show at Artists and Makers with prints of my winter scene and the Azalea Garden picture.  

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